Keith Haring Fitness Court Coming to Jackson!

When I found out that a rare Keith Haring Fitness court was coming to Jackson, I was stoked! According to the news outlets, "Jackson was one of ten nationally-chosen location sites for the project. The eye-popping colorful fitness court is to promote wellness, movement and engagement within the community." 


Keith Haring dedicated his artistic career to social awareness. Aside from his fight for justice for the gay community and AIDS activism, Haring had a deep devotion to fighting racial injustice. Throughout his artistic career, Haring sought to share his empathy for racial injustice from the perspective of a minority, who had dealt with feeling inferior and voiceless.  


This means a lot for local artists and is inspiring. I love that the city is bringing in encouraging imagery to inspire the people. I can't wait to see this vision brought to life. 


Expect to see the fitness court in operation by the end of 2021.




Photo Source: Greater Jackson's Art Council


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