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The Mississippi Free Press released an article entitled "The Hero, The Brave And The Tired: A Nurse’s Journey Through The Pandemic" by Ariel Wiggins. The article explores Ariel's life as a nurse during COVID-19 in Mississippi.

"Nursing still leaves me uncomfortable in my uniform and questioning if this is really for me. COVID has changed my life like many others, just differently. It has confirmed my uneasiness in the profession, my values of family and my place in this area of health." - Ariel Wiggins





This essay is part of the “Equity and Resilience: The Impact of COVID-19 on Mississippi’s Black Women” reporting collaboration between the Mississippi Free Press and the Jackson Advocate, supported by the Solutions Journalism Network. Please write to submit MFP Voices essays or to join upcoming virtual solutions circles.

Ariel Wiggins is a nurse, licensed physical trainer and entrepreneur from Jackson, Mississippi. She has a M.S. in Nursing Administration from the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is a proud single mother of two daughters.

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